Egide delivering speach on certificate day in Rosa parks American corner

Alexis delivering speach on certificate day in Rosa parks American corner

U.S Officials with E.M.C team delivering certificate in Rosa Sparks American corner.

Certified students in the program: "Empower Youth Through English and Computer Skills program

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Who we are?

Village health action is a non -profit organization which works is based in Burundi in the city of Bujumbura. it is a group of healthcare professionals include doctors,nurses,pharmacists and anyone involved in health. vha is an initiative of two emerging young leaders Alexis and Egide. they begin to work in community since 2012 with youth in clear medical and English medical center since 2013. vha is a combination of these organizations and other new organizations like Burundi heart foundation, Burundi initiative against tobacoo.the aim is to improve the health and development beginning by youth population.

Featured Events

Certicate days: English and computer literacy certifications

the days we deliver certificate after training is a great moment for our team to realize our impact and imagine other ways to boost our activities

health international days

we always celebrate these is an opportunity to recall how to prevent from diseases. We organize a free screening and education

Medical campaign

we organize medical days in rural zones to touch the population. The aim is to reach lost places where no more healthcare facilities available. by educating them, we are contributing to reduce the risk factors.

Public awareness

media are used to educate population especially social media. We develop specific messages to different groups and discuss how we can work together to improve healthcare in our community.

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