Egide delivering speach on certificate day in Rosa parks American corner

Alexis delivering speach on certificate day in Rosa parks American corner

U.S Officiels with E.M.C team delivering certificate in Rosa Sparks American corner.

Certified students in the program: "Empower Youth Through English and Computer Skills program

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Meet the team behind VHA

Alexis nizigiyimana

Chief executive officer and co-founder

Dr Alexis holds a MD degree obtained from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Burundi. His expertise is in general practitioner and is currently serving as the director of New hope clinic of vulnerable youth. Dr Alexis is actively involved in many youth organizations. He is a the co-founder and chief executive officer of the English Medical Center, a unique community based organization in Burundi focusing on youth and women empowerment through vocational skills. Previously, he was the CEO of Youth in Clear medical, a community organization he founded and which focuses on HIV for vulnerable youth. He served as a project manager of HIV and harm reduction of injecting drug users. He was also a co-founder and chair of Burundi heart foundation, a community based organization, focusing on cardiovascular diseases prevention and management. He is currently a volunteer project manager of Burundi Non Communicable Disease Alliance, an organization which tackles Non Communicable Diseases, which also has an extension in the East African Community. Dr. Alexis serves as the country director of YCDN Burundi chapter Aside, working with civil society organizations (5 years of experience), Dr. Alexis served as a clinician educator at medical school of paramedics. He is also currently working with the US Embassy in Burundi where he serves as a grant holder of American Spaces.


Senior manager and co-founder

He is a co-founder and senior manager of village health action, a network of many organizations such as English medical center, Burundi Heart Foundation and Youth in clear he co-found. He is a general practitioner registrar, soon to be graduated as a doctor at university of Burundi .He is a community organizer, project leader and idea generator. He has been working with U.S mission in Bujumbura to help students access to ICT and English by training them on basic computer science .With the project, he has been training more than 300 students on elementary computer science and 500 students in both general and medical English. He has been volunteering for 3 years taking part in health campaign awareness by educating population on chronic diseases. He has taken part in NextGen leaders symposium organized by YP-CDN in Kenya, the goal was to empower youth on advocacy and is in East African YPCDN 2018 action committee .Egide is founder of healthcare social media Burundi and co-founder of healthcare social media Africa, an online community to improve the healthcare; he has been co-organizing with experts around the world tweet chats on the future of our health systems and other topics. He is working in caring drug users with youth in new hope clinic for vulnerable youth situated in Bujumbura through the project:”HIV and harm reduction as clinical officer and director assistant. Egide got a sponsor coaching through Kairos project, a global organization based in London and has a purpose to empower organizations through coaching .Egide is registered in the program Andasonia of bocconi university, an entrepreneurship course to strengthen young African leaders. His interest is global health, access to medicines, international public health, advocacy, access to ICT for sustainable health, e-health. He believes that if we work together, we can change our communities therefore the whole population. No one deserves to live the diseases alone. We have to act and change the lives of others.