Certified students in the program: "Empower Youth Through English and Computer Skills program

Egide delivering speach on certificate day in Rosa parks American corner

Alexis delivering speach on certificate day in Rosa parks American corner

U.S Officiels with E.M.C team delivering certificate in Rosa Sparks American corner.

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HIV and Harm Reduction

The country has faced different crisis. There are many children living in the streets. These children are vulnerable and need care. Another group of people using harmful drugs in unsafe way which increase to risk to transmit diseases such as HIV, hepatitis. The purpose is to reduce the harm due to drug using. Our center is less equipped which limit our capacity to fulfil the comprehensive package. Using harmful drugs is a burden in our country and we don’t have any detox clinic. We are doing advocacy to get methadone and equip our clinic in order to deliver the whole package. Drug users also need hygiene and nutrition program as most of them are living in the streets.

Youth Unemployment

A huge number of young are unemployed. With our English medical center; a large number have been trained in computer literacy and English. Young adults need entrepreneurship skills that we are going to develop soon. We will create job opportunities to increase wealth creation.


Non communicable diseases is a burden in our country. Our government is doing what he can but still remain something to add. People with cancer don’t have any unit to take care of them; there is no radiotherapy and chemotherapy. They are obliged to go outside to find care that is expensive for our people who has low income. People with diabetes develop complications due to lack of medicines because they are expensive. We have type 1 diabetes that need free care and to be recorded so that they can be followed in a primary health center. Mortality due to kidney diseases is increasing and the cost of hemodialysis is big. A strong advocacy to reduce the burden of NCDs is our priority.

Mental Health and Harmful Drug Using

There are people with psychological trauma due the civil war that our country has been facing. They need appropriate care.