Egide delivering speach on certificate day in Rosa parks American corner

Alexis delivering speach on certificate day in Rosa parks American corner

U.S Officiels with E.M.C team delivering certificate in Rosa Sparks American corner.

Certified students in the program: "Empower Youth Through English and Computer Skills program

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Volunteers for village health action are doing a strong advocacy for Non communicable diseases and harm reduction. We are advocating for drug users injected or not to be receive all required care in order to reduce the harm due to unsafe injection. These young people are vulnerable and most of them live in the street. They are most of the times in jail due to using harmful drugs which is prohibited by the law. We are trying to take care of them in order to reduce the harm of drug using.

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Youth Empowerment

The project is called empower youth through English and computer skills program. We have trained 1000 students in general and medical English.200 students have been trained in computer literacy. 65 students are running English program and 60 students are running computer program. It’s a great achievement in our country where 90% of students from rural zone. The aim is to help students write their memoire and thesis also be well integrated in east African community. The project is supported by U.S Embassy in Bujumbura, Burundi Friends International and University of Burundi.

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Mental Health and Substance Abuse Management

youth in clear medical is running projected named:”HIV and harm reduction”. The purpose is to reduce the harm due to unsafe injection of harmful drugs. A medico-psychosocial center located at Jabe is appointed to take care of this key population. 600 drug users are sensizitized.323 were screened on hiv,hepatitis.18 are HIV positive. 32 drug were sighs of lung diseases. The project is funded by global fund through KANCO and ABS. It is a new project with a comprehensive package that has 9 elements but unfortunately that we are unable to fulfil. Our center aims to take care drug users from the beginning until they are coming to their usual activities. We want to rebuild their families and therefore the society. We are able to deliver actually primary care and project soon to set up a detox unit

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Community Based Research

We are involved in community since 2012. Our work is based on teaching population to prevent from diseases. We have non communicable diseases (NCDs) as a target. We have realized 3 descents in rural zones. We touched 2000 people and screened 800 persons on NCDs. We have reached soldiers and 300 soldiers were educated and screened on NCDs. We usually do activities on international days and aware population on risk factors of the diseases. We have a great impact in that area even if there still remain some challenges. We don’t have specific data for NCDs and it’s a handicap for leading interventions

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Unemployment is increasing in our country. Students who finish university don’t have job. We have a program for youth to help them by creating income generating activities. Youth will work in group and do rotation loan.It will facilitate to get loan without problem.

Community Development

We are developing skills to empower the community. Youth people will be coached how to get job and we will organize a fair where job seekers will meet job creators.

Managing American Spaces

Our team have been chosen as volunteers to help coordinating American spaces such as American corner kinindo and kamenge. Our role is to assure that planned activities are done and give money for each activity. It’s a job we do in collaboration with US staff. It’s a huge responsibility that we are very proud of doing correctly.